Gasket Material List - Over 250 gasket materials available for immediate delivery!

Gasket Material Guide
UL Recognized UL Recognized Materials
High Temperature Gasket Material Guide
3M Transfer Adhesives 3M Double-Sided Tapes
3M Tapes
3M VHB Tapes

Accopac® Adhesive Backed Gasket Material Aluflex® Aluminum
Aluminum Foil
Armstrong Gasket Material Auburn Shim Stock Asbestos Substitutes
BISCO Gasket Material
Blue-Gard® Brass
Buna-N Rubber
Buna-S Rubber
Buna-N on Nylon

CHR Mat'l. (Chorlastic®)Updated! Canvas Based Phenolics
Cellulose Fiber Board
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Closed Cell SpongeUpdated! Cloth Gasket Material
Cloth Inserted Rubber
Coated Fabrics
Cork Gasket Material
Cork-Rubber Gasket Material
Cork-Synthetic Compositions
Crepe Papers

Dielectric Insulation
Dodge Cork Gasket Material
Dodge Cork-Rubber
Duck Rubber
Dupont Films

ECH (Epichlorohydrin)
Economical Sealing Solutions EPDM Rubber
EPDM Sponge
EPT Elastomers
Electrically Conductive Materials EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)

Fairprene Gasket Material
Felt (F Series & Fed. Spec.) Updated! Fiber (Vulcanized) Fiberboard
Fiberglass Tapes Fiberglass, Neoprene-Coated
Fiberglass, Silicone-Coated
Fiberglass, Teflon-Coated
Filter Felt
Filter Foams
Flame Resistant MaterialsUpdated!
Flexible vinyl
Flourosilicone Foam Gasket Material
Garlock Sheet
Garlock Gasket Material Gasoline Resistant Materials
GE Plastics
GE Films
Glass Grade Phenolics
Graphite-Coated Materials
Graphite Gasket Material
Graphite Sheet
Graphite/Metal Laminants
GrafoiI®Gum Rubber

High Temperature Non-Asbestos
High Temperature Gasket Material Heat Resistant Gasket Material

Impervapac® Impregnated Felt (Oil, Alcohol)
Insulating Papers & Sheets

Kapton® Film (Plain) Kapton® Tapes Klinger Gasket Material
Kraft Paper

Lexide Gasket Material
Lexan® Linen-Based Phenolics
Low Density Polyethylene
Lydall Materials
Manila Paper
Mil-R-900 Rubber
MIL-R-3065 Rubber
MIL-R-6855 Rubber
MIL-R-6855 CL. 2A & 2B
Mold Resistant Rubber
Mold Resistant Sponge

NVF Gasket Material
Natural Rubber
Neoprene Coated Fabrics
Neoprene-Cork Sheet
Neoprene Rubber
Nicote Gasket Material
Nitrile (Buna-N) Rubber
Nomex® Non-Asbestos Mat'l.
Nylatron & Nylon

O-Rings O-Ring Cord O-Ring Kits Oil-Resistant Materials
Onion Skin
Open Cell Sponge

Paper-Based Phenolics
Plastic Gasket Material
Plastiflex®(Shim Stock) Polyimide Film
Polyester TapesUpdated! Polyester Polyethylene Polyfoams (Ether & Ester)
Polypropylene Polystyrene
Polyurethane PoronUpdated! Pro-Formance®/MicroPore®Updated!
Rag Paper
Red Rubber (SBR)
RFI Shielding
Rigid Vinyl
Rogers Gasket Material

Saint Gobain TapesUpdated!
Saint Gobain Silicone Sponge
Saint Gobain Coated FabricsNew!
Saint Gobain Foams
Saint Gobain Silicone Rubber
Saint Gobain Conductive SiliconesNew!
Silicone "Foam" Updated! Silicone "Sponge"Updated!
Silicone "Solid"Updated! Silicone "Tapes"Updated!
Silicone "Fiberglass Reinforced"Updated!
Silicone PDFs Sponge Rubber Gasket Material
SBR Rubber
Sound Dampening Foams
Statex® STRIP-N-STICK®Updated! Stainless Steel
Syntheseal® Gasket Material

Teflon®, Virgin Grade

Teflon®, Etched
Teflon-Coated Fiberglass
Teflon® Tapes Thermo-Tork®
Thermoseal Gasket Material
Thiokol-Coated Fabrics
Treated Leather (Wax)

UL Recognized Gasket MaterialUpdated!
Urethane Urethane Sponge
Urethane, Polyfoam
Urethane, Liquid Cast
Urethane, Millable Gum
Urethane Rods

Varnished Glass Fabrics
Vibration Dampening
Victor Materials
Vellumoid Gasket Material Vellutherm
Vinyl (Rigid & Flexible)
Vinyl Foam Gasket Material
Viton® Volara
Water-Resistant Gasket Material
Water-Proof Sponge
WARCO Rubber
Wax-Impregnated Leather
White Rubber, FDA Grade

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Our popular, readily available, industrial grade gasket material can provide cost-effective solutions to many of your engineering problems!

Auburn is an authorized distributor, fabricator, diecutter, tape slitter, molder, lathe-cutter and extruder of more than 250 different kinds of gasket material products, some of which have been referenced above. Auburn’s gasket material product offerings cover the broadest possible range of thicknesses, durometers, styles, hardnesses, colors, and densities available in the material marketplace today. Gasket material from Auburn is employed for a vast range of applications including high performance gasketing, thermal shielding, vibration mounting, sound dampening, cushioning, heat/flame management, fluid or gas leakage prevention, shim-spacer-standoff applications, dust control and electrical insulation. For your convenience and quick delivery, a vast inventory of gasket material is maintained. That stock inventory ranges from hard, non-compressible, rigid or semi-rigid plastics, phenolics or high-temperature non-asbestos fiberboards to soft, pliable, flexible, bendable and compressible foams, sponges, rubbers, cork-rubbers, felts or silicones, to name a few.

Auburn’s mission policy is to provide you with product whose quality meets or exceeds the contracted requirements, at competitive pricing and with on-time delivery so that we become your preferred choice.

Our product line of finished parts include precision gaskets, washers, insulators, spacers, shims, seals, in addition to tapes, sheet or roll goods and continuous length yard goods. All finished parts or tapes are provided with close tolerances and clean cut edges to help assure unexcelled reliability in every application. Auburn employs many types of cutting tools in its production process including steel-rule dies, bending and scoring dies, gang dies, rotary kiss-cutting dies, compound & progressive dies, pierce and blank dies, open ended and four sided rectangular dies, OD & ID punches, washer dies, keyway dies, and more. House dies are available for many standard shapes while custom tools can be made to your exact specifications.

Our adhesive-backings can be applied to virtually any of your gasket materials and all adhesives from Auburn come with an easy-to-remove peel-off liner thereby simplifying your assembly operations and reducing your assembly times.

Auburn is also capable of taking any plain gasket material and applying adhesive-backings to one or both surfaces. Auburn’s adhesive-backings are available for all finished parts and materials including gaskets, shims, washers, spacers, pads, sheet or roll goods and tapes. Auburn works with dozens of popular adhesive-backings including our proprietary double-coated pressure sensitive adhesive (ACR- 2®), double-coated acrylic adhesives (PSA’s), repositionable adhesives, 3M transfer adhesives and 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tapes. All Auburn adhesive-backings come with an easy-to-remove peel off liner.

We can laminate two or more of your gasket materials together to produce new composite materials with specific properties to meet your application needs!

With our diverse inventory of adhesive tapes, Auburn is capable of laminating different gasket materials together to create new composite ones. Two, three or three four layer constructions are common. Fiber and metal foil, for example, can be laminated together to create a new products which can serve as both an electrical insulator and heat-resistant shield.

Feel free to contact us by phone, fax or email and let us assist you in finding an effective solution to your particular gasketing need.

To receive further technical data, material recommendations, samples or price quotations, please contact your Auburn Customer Service Representative. Any product whose thickness, durometer, hardness, color or density is not listed as standard is also potentially available upon request.