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Over 250 Gasket Materials

Over 250 Gasket Materials in Stock for your convenience and rapid delivery!

Gasket Material Guide

Every die cut gasket application requires gasket material that is best suited to the particular pressure, temperature, media, electrical, and environmental demands of the application. Auburn offers you the broadest possible range of gasket material to choose from to meet your specific application needs.

Auburn's extensive gasket material inventory, which consists of more than 250 different types of gasket material, includes Buna-N, felt, closed cell sponge, fiber, Poron®, urethane, silicone sponge, silicone foam, cork-rubber, plastics, cork, solid silicone, Viton®, neoprene, Kapton®, Nomex®, vegetable fiber, compressed sheet, Mylar®, Lexan®, Automotive Gasketing, Latex, Paper, Formex®, SBR, open cell sponge, Accopac®, Thermo-Tork®, Syntheseal®, and many more. 

All of our gasket material comes in a broad range of thicknesses, durometers, colors, styles, and densities; and all are readily available either plain (no adhesive) or with an adhesive backing applied to one or both sides. Products are typically sold by the sheet, pad, strip, coil, tape good, roll, slit-roll, or custom fabricated or finished part.

Please contact your Auburn Customer Service Representative to obtain price quotations. Products whose durometers, hardnesses, colors, or densities aren't listed as standard are also available upon request. To receive further technical assistance, material recommendations or samples, please contact your Auburn Customer Service Representative.

Sponge & Foam Gasket Material

Auburn Sponge/Foam Gasket Material is flexible and compressible; and designed for high performance gasketing, thermal shielding, cushions, bumpers, vibration mounts, press pads, insulators, and gasketing. Auburn sponge gasket material is available in a wide range of hardnesses, thicknesses, durometers, colors, and densities; and is easy to fabricate, die-cut, or coat with adhesive (PSA or transfer).  Auburn has a full line of sponge rubber gasket material, plus a full line of foam gasket material, that includes Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, SBR, Viton®, Volara®, Nitrile, Fluorosilicone, Poron®, Polyurethane, and cross-linked Polyethylene foams, in addition to a host of other useful gasket material formulations.

Solid Rubber Gasket Material

Auburn maintains a vast inventory of solid rubber gasket material for in-house diecutting, molding and manufacturing operations. All popular rubber gasket material types are included in our inventory including Neoprene, Viton, Buna-N, EPDM, SBR, Urethane, Silicone, Hypolon, MIL-SPEC grades, White FDA Approved Rubber, fabric reinforced rubber and more. All durometers, styles, grades, thicknesses, colors and densities or rubber gasket material are available from Auburn. Adhesive backings can be applied to rubber gasket material and with our PSD-ready process we can apply adhesive to one or both surfaces. Solid rubber gasket material is particularly well suited for applications where heat, pressure, chemical exposure, physical impact, and other rugged conditions would quickly degrade other material types.

High Temperature Gasket Material

Auburn offers gasket material suitable for high temperature applications. Included in this category of gasket material are high temperature gasket material that can resist temperatures ranging from 150° F up to +2300° F.

Industrial Felt Gasket Material

Auburn felt gasket material is available in a wide range of hardnesses, thicknesses, durometers, colors, styles and densities - SAE Wool Felts, MIL-SPEC felts, "F series felts, synthetic felts, woven or nonwoven felts, Polyester felts and Dacron Felts. Any Auburn Felt is available either plain (no adhesive) or with an adhesive-backing applied to one or both sides. All adhesive-backed felt products come with an easy to remove peel-off-liner. Auburn felt can be supplied in master log rolls, continuous length rolls, or coils, slit tapes, precision strips, or fabricated custom parts.

Cork-Rubber Gasket Material

Auburn cork-rubber gasket material offers many of the advantages of synthetic rubber compounds, with the important additional property of controlled compressibility. Thus cork-Rubber gasket material can often by used in place of straight rubber in applications where the tendency of straight rubber to side flow would be objectionable. Auburn offers a group of 20 different cork-rubber gasket materials with a wide range of firmnesses, hardnesses, thicknesses, colors and densities. Cork-rubber gasket material is resistant to oil, fuel and other solvents; can readily accept adhesive backings, is cosmetically appealing, and is easy to die cut in specific shapes.

Silicone Gasket Material

Flexible, resilient, silicone gasket material has a unique chemical structure which gives it high temperature stability and general inertness unavailable in any other elastomer. Silicone is available as silicone solid, silicone sponge, silicone foam, or fiberglass reinforced silicone gasket material. All types, thicknesses, grades, (MIL-SPECS), durometers, styles, colors, and densities of silicone are offered by Auburn. Silicone gasket material can have adhesive backings applied to one or both surfaces.

Die Cut Gasketing Materials

This broad line of more than 35 Die Cut-table Gasket Materials includes general purpose grades for includes general purpose grades for automobile-engine gaskets, marine-engine gaskets, earth-moving-equipment-engine gaskets and niche market products such as transmission valve body gaskets, hermetic compressor valve plate gaskets, exhaust gaskets, and aftermarket gasket formulations. 

Plastic Shim Stock

PLASTIFLEX is a tough, economical, oil-resistant plastic gasket material that is color-coded for instant thickness determination for gaskets, shims, washers, or spacers. Available in off-the-shelf standard sheet sizes too. Fourteen (14) standard thicknesses -.0005" through .060" -are available as sheets, rolls, strips, slit-coils or kit packs. Plastiflex® can have adhesive backings applied to one or both sides. All Auburn adhesive backed products are furnished with an easy-to-remove peel-off liner.

Electrical Insulation Gasketing

Auburn insulators, shields and barriers are manufactured for applications involving switches, timers, lighting fixtures, motors, transformers, electronic instruments, control components, fuse assemblies and more. Auburn has a vast inventory of gasket material to choose from for electrical insulation, including dozens of popular insulating materials; fiberboards, polymers, plastics, papers, films, insulating tapes, special moisture-resistant products, UL & CSA certifiable formulations and flame-retardant formulations and high temperature (heat resistant) gasketing. Auburn can further bend, score, fold, sonically weld, and/or apply a variety of pressure sensitive adhesive backings or transfer adhesive to any insulation-gasket part and/or material. Manufacturing processes include die-cutting, machining, forming, shearing, punching, thermoforming for a broad range of finished products.

Gasket Material with Adhesive Backing

Auburn is capable of taking any plain gasket material and applying adhesive backings to one or both surfaces. Auburn's adhesives are available for all finished parts and/or materials; gaskets, shims, washers, electrical insulators, sponge or foam pads, silicone parts, and sheet or roll goods, and tapes. Auburn works with dozens of popular adhesives including double-coated pressure sensitive adhesives, ACR-2®, double-coated acrylic adhesives (PSA), repositionable adhesives, 3M transfer adhesives and 3M VHB tapes. For applications involving silicone sheet, silicone tapes, solid silicone gaskets or silicone sponge gaskets, Auburn offers high-temperature acrylic adhesive rated up to 350°F or silicone adhesive rated up to 500°F. All Auburn adhesives come with an easy-to-remove peel off liner. The use of PSA's or transfer adhesives has many distinct advantages that include eliminating the messy job of cementing during assembly operations, assuring a uniform amount of adhesive per part, and reducing labor time in assembly operations.

UL Recognized Gasket Material

Auburn die cuts gaskets, insulators, and pads from UL Recognized Gasket Material that has been tested to meet recognized safety standards and to be free from reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock, and related hazards. Yellow Cards and File Numbers are available upon request.