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Solid Silicone Sheet Rubber &
Silicone Sheet Products

Auburn solid silicone sheet rubber is a high-performance elastomer with a unique resistance to temperature extremes. Silicone sheet rubber has physical characteristics that are not adversely affected by exposure to temperatures as high as +500° F. Intermittent exposure to temperatures considerably in excess of this are commonplace.

The low temperature flexibility of solid silicone sheet rubber is unexcelled by any other elastomer. At temperatures as low as -100° F, solid silicone sheet rubber will remain functional. There are many other advantages associated with using silicone rubber, some of which are described here.

Electrical: Ozone, aging and corona have little or not effect on solid silicone rubber. Electrical strength, power factor, and insulation resistance are retained under elevated temperatures and under conditions where other insulation fails. 

Compression Set: Resistance to compression set is the ability of a material to return to its original position after removal of a compressive load. From sub-zero to elevated temperatures, solid silicone rubber exhibits lower compression set than any other elastomer.

Long Service Life: Because of its resistance to the deteriorating effects of sunlight, moisture, radiation, and oxidation at elevated temperatures, silicone rubber's service life at room temperature is virtually unlimited.

Physical: Auburn's silicone rubber contains no acid producing chemicals and is non-corrosive. It is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. It can be bonded to metal, glass, ceramics and plastics through the use of silicone or acrylic adhesives.

Out-gassing: With solid silicone rubber, there is little or no out-gassing. Auburn can post cure any silicone rubber, using a special procedure, to reduce out-gassing to practically zero.

New Products

In addition to commercial grade silicone sheet rubber products, Auburn now offers several new grades of silicone sheet. HS-235, HS255 & HS275 offer unusually good tensile strength and superior tear resistance which are closely interrelated, and, in combination with other excellent physical properties, produce a much tougher, more resilient, harder to tear silicone rubber than heretofore available.EC-102 is an electrically conductive solid silicone sheet that serves as a low amperage conductor, shields RF/EM interference, and protects against electrostatic discharge. FR-320 (AMS-3320) is a high breaking strength solid silicone rubber product that is made from silicone rubber sheet stock with a fiberglass insert. This high quality product far exceeds the requirements of AMS-3320 for breaking strength, oil lubricating resistance and compression set. UL Recognized Silicone is a flame retardant silicone rubber that will pass UL-94 Flame Testing with V-0 rating from 1/8" (0.125") and up.

Solid Silicone Rubber per
MIL-R-5847D & ZZ-R-765 Cl.2A-2B

Solid Silicone Rubber per
ZZ-R-765 CL. 3 B

New Solid Silicone Products

Auburn Adhesive Program


Adhesive Backings

Auburn can apply pressure sensitive silicone or acrylic adhesives to standard sheets (36" x 36" or 24" x 24") or continuous length rolls at 36" wide of any Auburn silicone solid sheet rubber product.  All of these silicone sponge rubber products can have any of the following adhesive types affixed to one or both sides. Sheet thickness will be 1/32" thick or more. The self-adhering sheets permit substantial savings because they are easy to apply, simplify production, and eliminate the high cost of bonding. The SP-2021 Silicone Adhesive withstands the same temperature extremes, -100°F to +500°F, as the silicone rubber sheet. The AP-2022 Acrylic adhesive has a temperature range of -40°F to + 300°F and offers the advantage of twice the adhesion to steel and a longer shelf life than silicone adhesive. New to our product line is the Hi-Temp Acrylic Adhesive, which is capable of withstanding a temperature of 450 F, while providing the high-bonding strength of an acrylic adhesive. All of these self-adhering adhesive-backed sheets are protected with an easy-to-remove peel-off liner for application to a clean, dry, degreased surface.

Ordering Information and Special Orders

Please contact your Auburn Customer Service Representative to obtain price quotations. Products whose durometers, hardnesses, colors, or densities aren't listed as standard are also available upon request. To receive further technical assistance, material recommendations or samples, please contact your Auburn Customer Service Representative.